Ayurvedic medicine

What is the general philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine in being healthy?

Ayurveda science is basically science of life which not deals with medicines only but it suggests ohe way of healthy living. According to Ayurveda, when all Doshas(Biological Humors), Dahtus (Tissues in body), Malas (Excretas) are in balance with proper bliss of mind , soul and body then the person is called as properly healthy

Ayurveda aims for firstly promotion of health and then curing the diseases so actually Ayurveda improves the quality of life and healthy living.

According to ayurveda if a person follows the laws of nature, then he or she would never fall sick in life.

What is the philosophy of ayurvedic medicine in relation to cancer?

According to Ayurveda science, cancer is called as ARBUD which is an imbalance of all three doahas and major tissues in the body. Ayurveda medicines don’t treat the patient symptomatically but it goes deep and penetrates the deep seated root cause of any diseases. For a patient suffering from disease like cancer Ayurveda medicine works miraculously in not only improving the ailments related to this disease but also in promoting good and quality of health of the patients.

What is the approach in terms of treatment of ayurvedic medicine to cancer - stage I, II, III, IV. ?

As per various stages of cancer are concerned Ayurveda has integrative line of treatment for the same. There are quite some ayurvedic herbo mineral preparations which are very useful in treating early stages of cancer but in advanced stages like stage 3 and stage 4, Ayurveda works as an adjuvant therapy where the ayurvedic medicines can help in increasing longevity and quality if life of the patients along with the regular treatment from moderns medicine side .

When does allopathic medicine play a role in supporting ayurvedic medicine for cancer?

Ayurveda medicines play a major role in treating cancer patients.

Allopathic medicines has chemotherapy and radiotherapy for the cancer patients and after these highly toxic but very essential therapies, patient often suffer from many side effects because along with the cancerous cells the healthy cells also gets destroyed so the immunity of the body of the patient is totally crashed and at this time ayurveda improves the primary immunity of the body helping the patient to gain the strength and vitality of the body.

Ayurveda herbal medicines help in promoting good health by improving the digestion and giving strength to the tissue system of the body.

What other aspects of mind, lifestyle medicine are important in ayurvedic medicine?

Ayurveda medicines works not only on body only but it’s a holistic system of life science where mind, body and soul all are balanced and treated. Along with the medicines, patients are provided with certain detoxification and cleansing procedures like panchkarma therapy.

In addition to panchkarma therapy, Yoga and meditation plays one of the most important role in treating cancer patient.

Regular yoga asanas and practice of meditation relaxes the mind and opens the channels of the body with providing flexibility to the body. Meditation, which is one of the most important part in treating a cancer patient is helpful in mind relaxation as well as improves the mental strength and builds the confidence in the patients. There are hundreds of clinical researches even which have proven the efficacy of Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation effect in treating the cancer patients.

The better satva exists in the patient, the more are the chances of survival and better quality life for the patients.

What is the difference between pure ayurvedic medicine and integrative (with allopathic) aruvedic medicine? in helping cancer patients.

Cancer is a deadly disorder and Ayurveda aims to build a disease free society in the world. To achieve the perfect health for the whole world, we always follow an integrative approach and line of treatment for treating cancer patients.

Along with Ayurvedic understanding of diseases we always follow modern’s science’s pathological tests and parameters to diagnose a disease.

For a cancer patients, who is already landed in Stage 3 or Stage 4, it’s better to start the Chemotherapy along with regular intake of some special Ayurveda herbal preparations.

Every medical science aims to treat the patients. Allopathic as well as Ayurveda, both systems can treat a patient very nicely if go hand in hand.

Allopathic medicines work on lock and key mechanism which is very important for a cancer patient and Ayurveda medicines will increase the immunity and help in preventing any further weakness to the patients.

We whole heatedly respect and appreciate the modern medicines system as well.

If the modern and Ayurveda treatment are administered together to the cancer patient then the results are definitely more promising and extremely effective.
This will help the mankind in getting rid off from this deadly disorder.